Saturday, January 2, 2010

Designing Packaging To Be Recyclable

Considering packaging waste makes up more than 30% of the U.S. metropolitan waste stream, the importance of minimizing packaging and designing environmentally friendly packaging is difficult to understate. All of this waste is made apparent during the holidays when we throw "away" all the packages from the goodies we had to have. Check out more on environmentally friendly packaging over at the "Green Living" section of Bright Hub!


Diane said...

Very interesting article. Until I read it and you pointed it out, I never gave much thought to the difference between "recycled" and "recyclable." This poses the question, however, is it better to continue to recycle items again and again and therefore minimize our concerns of the eventual effect it might have on the earth or should we use simply use recyclable materials? Presently, I assume products made from recycled materials that are recyclable as well are not easy to come by. I think manufacturing those products should be a priority.

Don said...

I agree products made from recycled materials that are recyclable should be a big priority. Biodegrdable products (which have no ill-side affects) could also be expanded big time.

Right now I think reusable or biodegradable products are better considering what the energy for recycling is generally derived from.

Of course, markets have to be kept up and creatd for these re-usable items. If made from materials that will not leach toxic chemicals into our soil, water,etc. the idea of having products that never biodegrade is not the evil we once thought, as long as we re-use.

Designers are working on creating more products that are either what Mcdounough and Braumgart (referenced in article) would call technical nutrients or biological nutrients. I think ultimately this is the way to go.

tikno said...

Hi Don,
Although through blogging, you have been contributing to the awareness of climate change.

Good blog!