Sunday, January 31, 2010

U.S. High Speed Rail; More Than Jobs

In announcing the massive high speed rail investment on Jan 28, President Obama may have altered the direction of U.S. transportation forever. The impact on the environment is not clear cut, though I am certain a successful rail expansion will be positive for our quality of life in general. How can anyone argue against decreased commute times, less congestion and decreasing traffic fatalities/injuries?

In a nation more than willing to go into debt for weapons making, perhaps some investment in our future happiness is not such a bad idea!

The problem is a one time $8 billion investment is tiny compared to what will be needed to see 100mph trains zipping from city to city. With the fickleness of U.S. voters, and the uncooperative nature of our political "leaders", continued investment is unlikely. We can always dream.

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