Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oil Rig Explosion Should Affect Climate Bill

The explosion and resulting oil leakage that was likely to cause little disruption or environmental harm according to some oil company officials is seen from satellite in this image. There is no doubt of significant environmental impacts, and there could be disruption in Gulf drilling, and tourism if the slick is not dissipated in some way.

While crews scramble to use robotic arms to plug leaks and think of schemes like burning off the oil, the U.S. legislature still sits, having done nothing in regards to a climate bill. How is a climate bill best done, without making the rich richer and hurting the little guys the most? As Annie Leonard's "Story of Cap and Trade" puts so well, it sure will not be with a market scheme.

For more info on the rig that sank on Earth Day 2010, you will find this helpful.

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