Friday, April 16, 2010

Sewage in the River...oh well Just Build a New Stadium

My recent AC piece is an overview of combined sewer overflows and how certain muncipalities are trying to deal with them. This is an example of mis-management and politics at its' finest. Than again, it's not mismanagement for those profiting off of gross misuse of tax dollars and priorities which are so far gone Keith Richards couldn't reach them. And they don't live anywhere near the overflow pipes dumping raw sewage in the river.

Beginning to think Americans will never see real change. We are to busy letting the media tell us to argue over "left" and "right" politics to deal with real issues of sustainability and justice. Hmm...time will tell, and I hope our children will do a better job than we have. For more on CSO's and the only way to really deal with them check out the entire article.

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