Saturday, June 26, 2010

Illegal Immigrants Say Take Our Jobs!

This is slightly off topic but the way I see it this is a sustainability issue. Illegal Mexican immgrants are saying legal United States residents would not do the agricultural jobs that they do. Uh...what! As kids almost all of us worked in the corn fields. Many of my relatives worked these jobs for long periods they were no longer availaible due to a workforce arriving that is more easily taken advantage of. In case anyone reading did not know, a peso is still worth far less than a dollar. This means illegals can come to the States and work for a few months and live the majority of the rest of the year in Mexico on what they made.

I'm a college euducated American, doing OK financially, yet I took this challenge. I have no problem with legal immigrants in the U.S. but this is an insult to ALL legal residents, no matter their heritage. Americans need to be self sustainable and take back our lives from corporations, and big business who are willling to hire illegals and do anything they can to keep us busy so they can further entrench us into wave slave status!

I say take the challenge Americans and contribute to a really sustainable U.S. Let's just see if they hold up their end and contact me now.

See More discussion about this illegal immgrant innitiative.

I got an email with a link to a website where I was told to put in Farmworker in the type of employemt field and do a search for every state in the U.S. Nothing available in my state. I guess no illegals are willing to give up their jobs in Indiana! I know there are plenty here.

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