Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nuclear Energy and its' Waste

The Yucca mountain waste plan will likely never be acceptable to Nevada residents. A holistic energy policy that addresses energy use is needed. The Unites States government can make a choice to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into nuclear or subsidize renewable like wind, biomass, and solar. Point source renewable energy could be used on a massive scale which would allow for less waste in distribution of energy and conservation of energy. It would also address the issue of control, with a power source that originates at a home; the resident is gaining a sense of control that is lost with centralized plants. The sense of dread about nuclear technologies (whether unfounded or not) is not inherent with renewables. While unfamiliarity is and issue with renewable energy a massive education effort seems to already be underway and could easily be expanded on as the technical aspects are more easily understood by laymen than those of nuclear energy. Need for a different source of energy is established throughout much of the American public. The health costs of fossil fuels and reliance on foreign oil are frowned upon for the most part. Technological determinism is a factor for both nuclear and renewables. The nuclear industry has had a time of massive government subsidies and research, with no satisfactory solutions or compromises when it comes to dealing with its’ massive wastes. My overall thoughts on nuclear energy are that the U.S. has been a pioneer for the world on many fronts, why rehash the same attempts of a failed industry?

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