Friday, July 17, 2009

Point Source Energy

A sustainable planet that allows humans to flourish involves more than new technologies to rid us of environmentally destructive processes. It includes a new approach to how we think of the operations of our systems in general. It is popular to note how the current American economic crisis is the result of unsustainable financial practices. My thought is that lack of individual responsibility and the lack of the possibility of this responsibility is often a characteristic of human systems which are unsustainable. Considering this, I support clean energy that gives at least a degree of energy creation back to the consumer, thus limiting the need to pay energy companies who are part of the intricate pay to play political system of the U.S. Solar photovoltaics, domestic sized wind turbines and digesters that create fuel are all technologies which can bring cleaner energy while empowering individuals. I say support feed-in-tariff rules and any measure that makes these systems competitive not only with conventional energy producers such as coal and oil but with big wind and solar. The directives and money being thrown at the anticipated energy revolution can serve to further entrench utility companies and their associated corporations hold on people or invite a new freedom which could offer a glimmer of what a truly sustainable society looks like,

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