Friday, December 11, 2009

What if Climate Change Is Not Caused By Man?

With the Copenhagen summit taking place as I type, the climate change debate is full steam ahead here in the U.S. So what if humans are not warming the Earth? After all,"there are no proofs in science". With something as complex as the atmosphere, which can not be replicated, even on a small scale, the question is certainly reasonable no matter what side of the debate you may fall on.

My answer is simple. Who cares? The only question of any significance to humans is whether the Earth is warming or not. There certainly is debate about this and while I am of the belief that it is indeed warming, I do not deny there is no possibility of data manipulation or errors in comparing present and past data by those such as NASA and the various organizations around the world that track temperatures. Even if you believe that the data is flawed, it is difficult to account for the melting glaciers, both at the poles and in mountain ranges all over the world. Stories from locals in regions such as the Andes and the Himalayas are certainly consistent with a warming world, and these stories are seemingly endless.

So, with the understanding that the world is indeed warming, we as humans really do not need this to occur. I say anything that can be done to stop oceans from flooding coastal cities, droughts from causing massive water shortages, etc. should be done. Reducing "greenhouse" gasses, even through "natural" methods such as preventing methane hydrate releases is just logical for a species accustomed to certain temperature ranges. Humans have drastically altered the environment for less noble reasons than our own survival. Let us do it in a manner that is as close to just as our leaders will allow!

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